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Download Clone Domainnesia Premium Blogger Template for Free

Download Clone Domainnesia Premium Blogger Template for Free

The Clone Template of Domainesia is an emulation of DomineSia's blog layout, crafted to mirror the structure of DomineSia's blog themes. This template offers a convenient avenue for customization, catering to users seeking a seamless and advanced SEO solution. The underlying code architecture is thoughtfully designed, ensuring a streamlined experience for beginners who may be venturing into the world of coding.

Highlighted Features of the Clone Domainesia Template:

1. Responsiveness: The template boasts a responsive design, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices, ensuring an optimal user experience.

2. Mobile-Friendly: With a mobile-friendly layout, your blog content will be accessible and legible to visitors accessing your site via smartphones and tablets.

3. Swift Loading: The template prioritizes fast loading times, allowing visitors to access your content swiftly and without unnecessary delays.

4. Lazyload Image Integration: The inclusion of Lazyload technology enhances the loading speed further, by deferring the loading of images until they are about to come into the user's viewport.

5. Search Box Integration: A search box is integrated, enabling users to swiftly search for specific content within your blog.

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6. Horizontal Navigation Menu (Desktop View): The template features a horizontal navigation menu, enhancing the visual appeal and user-friendliness of your site's desktop version.

7. Post Highlighting: This feature allows you to highlight specific posts, drawing attention to featured content and captivating your audience.

8. Popular Posts Widget: By incorporating a widget showcasing popular posts, you encourage visitors to explore your most engaging content.

9. Infinity Content Loading: The template facilitates a seamless browsing experience with the "Load More" functionality, ensuring a continuous flow of content for your readers.

10. Return to Top Button: A user-friendly "Return to Top" button is provided, simplifying navigation for readers scrolling through lengthy posts.

11. Panoramic Breadth: This unique feature provides visitors with a panoramic view, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your blog's layout.

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12. Social Media Sharing Buttons: With integrated social media share buttons, you empower readers to easily share your content across various platforms.

13. "Read Also" Section: Encourage deeper exploration by offering a "Read Also" or "Baca Juga" section, suggesting related articles to your audience.

14. Profile Card Box: A profile card box beneath each article adds a personal touch, allowing readers to connect with the creator.

15. Related Posts with Thumbnails: Display related posts complete with thumbnails, enticing visitors to explore more content.

16. Comment Management: The template provides an option to open or close comments on your blog posts, giving you control over user engagement.

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17. Footer Menu: A comprehensive footer menu offers easy navigation to various pages on your site, enhancing user experience.

18. Error Page (404): The inclusion of a custom error page ensures that even in the event of a broken link, visitors are directed to a user-friendly error page.

The Clone Template of Domainesia is a sophisticated offering that meticulously emulates the strengths of DomineSia's blog themes, combined with customizable elements that make it a compelling choice for bloggers and website owners looking to create a dynamic and engaging online presence.

Please note that this free template is only for the sub domain, for example: If you use something other than this subdomain, you will be asked to enter a license. For the license, you can get it through the Member Fam website.

Template Details

Name Domainnesia Clone
Version 1.0
File zip, txt, xml
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Layout Responsive
Design by Gilatemax

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